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Warriors Without Weapons

Elos Philosophy teaches us that we can change the world using the resources we already have and do not realize. We can do it in a collective, pleasurable and fun way!

Warriors without Weapons is a amazing learning program where youth social entrepreneurs from all over the world are immerged for 30 days. The objective of the program is to get participants to return to the communities inspired, armed with efficient techniques to work in groups. In a strengthened cooperative spirit, they will be able to act in their own communities. In order to awaken and cultivate this spirit, the program immerges the participants in a local community, such as a slum, a urban ghetto or a community of traditional fisherman. Participants work hand-in-hand with the community to plan, design, and build something such as a daycare center or plaza.

For those who have decided to change the world now:
It is worth mentioning that we would love WARRIORS WITHOUT WEAPONS to host all those interested in participating. However, the structure and communities involved can only hold 60 participants. To solve this problem, we created a different, sharing and participative way of selecting participants. It takes place in an online game called THE YES PATH. You will realize that during this journey, you will be able to take lots of different actions towards changing yourself, others around you and the world that surrounds you. So, show us the best version of yourself in each step of the game.

If you are interested in finding out more about Warriors Without Weapons look at: