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What do you do if you are about 30 people. One building. No architect. No space. No money. You want to rebuild your communtiy life. Limited amout of time. A 1000 ideas. Even more talents. No clue how to preceed? Call Niels from Oasis Holland. Although our knowmadic Space does not seem like a desert we could definitely need an Oasis.

For the second time at Knowmadsland we carried out the process of renovating our home with the things we have, find on the street or steel in the shops. I am kidding. Of course there is no stealing involved, stil it is unbelievable what people are willing to give to you for free when you tell them your story. Your story about your dreams. About your dream school.

So our challenge was to change as much as we possibly can within 2 days, as effective and spectacular, in small groups using our talents to realise our vision. And in order to not forget the goal while working in chaos, Filippa made us a beautiful drawing about the whole mission.


I believe it is pretty funny that if you want to create something new and structured you have to make a mess. A huge mess it was at the Knowmads and there were probably many among us who were at least thinkig once: “WTF… This is never going to happen…I quit since there is no hope”. In those moments a specific type of person is needed. Maybe not the one who has all the knowledge. Or the one who is best at constructing things. Also not the leader. But just one person who believes. And keeps on going with whatever tiny task there might be. A person who is not willing to let go of the dream and even being on his own with slightly doubts as well, enduring the dryness of the desert longing for the Oasis, which has to come eventually. What happens in those moments is that after a while, all those tiny actions become bigger and the picture clearer, that one by one jumps back in the boat. The believer doesn’t necessarily know if what he or she is doing is the right way, but it’s THE way. And so do the others. And in reforming the team with new spirit, the time running closer to the deadline, new powers emerge and with the collected knowledge the dream becomes true. Maybe even bigger than inicially. In addition the Oasis game does not only proof that miracles happen while “playing”, but that it is about fun and the importance of every single person.

Now If you feel like ever joing the Oasis game be prepared of the rollercoaster ride which provides you with all the feelings on earth. Love, hate, feeling restless, stressed out, energized, empowered and as for me happy and proud in the end. The Oasis game has shown me for the second time, how far we can get if we all pull on the same string and is the perfect example for invisible learning. I am not sure what I learned but I strongly believe it was a lot. A believer after all ;) Written by Anastasia, Knowmads


Oasis Londen, Newham

Oasis Otrabanda, Curacao

Oasis Crooswijk, Rottterdam

Makassarplein, Amsterdam